Life With Lavender For A Week - Here’s What Happened!

Words by: Ellie Coker

Sometimes life can just build up and build up until you feel a weight of overwhelming stress and anxiety pressing heavy onto your shoulders. We’re all going a million miles an hour and often find ourselves lost in a sea of expectations, trying to keep your head above water.

In the past, I have explored many different avenues in an attempt to tackle stress; medication, therapy, breathing. Through this, what I have realized is that anxiety and stress aren’t just a, ‘click your fingers and you never have to deal with them again’ situation. It takes work to keep yourself afloat, to maintain a healthy and happy state of mind. And I am constantly working and willing to try things that can help me when I find myself in a situation that is causing me to stress.

Recently, I heard about Essential Flow. I decided to put essential oils to the test and trial Lavender Touch for 7 days. Here’s how I went.

Tuesday 19th June

Over the past few weeks, I have felt an overwhelming weight of stress from personal life issues to work -  things seem to all be piling on me at once and, I need to work out ways to work through and to deal with it. I am trying the DoTerra Lavender Touch roll-on stick from Essential Flow, as recommended. I am in bed and have rolled it onto my temples and my wrists. My aim here is to fall asleep with ease and to allow the thoughts that often keep my mind busy at night to quieten. I will follow up in the morning with how I went.

Wednesday 20th June

Last night my sleep felt deeper. It is sometimes hard to tell and measure how well you drift off but I definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep. Tomorrow night I will put a little more on as I think I was quite sparing with my application last night. I wonder if the amount will have an effect on the result?

Thursday 21st June

Today I had a really tense muscle in my neck. I often get this. Some people say it is due to my body being out of alignment, others say that it is due to constant computer use and looking down at my phone etc. I have dealt with back and neck issues and tensions from my late teens to early 20s and it’s not fun.

A colleague recently told me that if you put lavender oil on the tension in the body it can help to release. This is another reason why I got my hands on it, to try and release tension in my back! Today I put it on a deep reoccurring knot in my upper shoulder that is literally a pain in my back. After about 10 minutes of rubbing it in, I felt a sense of relief. It isn’t that hard-hitting relief you get when a masseuse attacks your back for an hour, but it definitely helps (and saves you the $60 price tag!). I think it’s time to say goodbye masseuse and get my boyfriend on lavender oil masseuse duties!

Friday 22nd June

Working as a model can at times be really taxing on your mental health- anxieties and self-doubt is a regularity. Today I had a skincare job, which can have its own pressures to be a certain way and look a certain way by a certain date. I usually feel anxiety before jobs, it is just a natural response, but today before I hopped in the car I rolled a generous amount of the lavender touch stick onto my neck, wrists, and temples- treating it almost like a perfume. It’s calming scent truly made my breath slow down, relaxed me and it helped me clear my head.

Saturday 23rd June

I have to admit I really was skeptical of essential oils before I used them. I struggled to believe that a topical oil could help to ease stress and anxiety, but today again after feeling slight social anxiety from a situation with people I struggle to connect with, I used the Lavender stick and it really helped me feel calm and relaxed.

Sunday 24th June

After 5 days of using it consecutively, the Lavender Touch stick has really helped me maintain a calm and level head in situations where I may not have had otherwise. The sense/ feeling I feel when I use it can only be described as a big deep breath. I can’t really explain it. I am not an expert, but I instantly feel my breath deepen and that is something that I really usually struggle with. In exercise and day-to-day activities, I often forget to breathe and feel short of breath and stressed by the feeling.

Monday 25th June

Today is the last day of my trial. I have started to put the lavender oil on my tense points in my body each night before I go to sleep. I feel it has helped me relax and fall asleep quicker with softened muscles and a heavy body. I think I am going to keep doing this every night for relaxation because it really has an effect on my sleep and my calmness of mind. 

Mark Sheppard