The Most Delicious Way to Build Your Immunity This Winter

We chatted to inspirational goddess (and fellow team member) Elaine So to get to the bottom of how she attacks her all famous immunity porridge.

OnGuard is a blend of immunity boosting essential oils, that help protect against environmental and seasonal threats. As we move into the cooler months (yes, we are based in the southern hemisphere) we love incorporating OnGuard into our daily routines to help maintain healthy immune function (or even diffuse to purify the air). 

When you're in need of an extra boost of goodness (or simply want to sample something delicious for you and the family), whip up this super easy, immunity boosting porridge.


·      1/2 cup GF rolled oats

·      1/2 to 1 tsp chia seeds

·      1/2 cup coco quench

·      1/4 tsp vanilla powder


Heat all of this up in a saucepan over a low heat and add as much extra milk as you like to get the consistency you like.

Once removed from the stove, stir in 1 drop of On Guard.  Serve with chosen toppings and or sweetener of choice.

Also great to add to porridge just before serving is Cardamom, Ginger or Cinnamon Bark.



Photo Credit: A Pinch Of Yum

Mark Sheppard