How-to Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used in a number of different ways to have an effect on your mood, senses and health. 


Smell is the fastest way to effect mood. Diffusing essential oils is a brilliant way to cleanse the air and open your airways. We choose to diffuse oils with an electrical diffuser, rather than burn oils with a candle. Burning oils changes the molecular structure of the oil and tampers with the aromatic and health benefits of the pure oil. Burning oils also has a negative impact on the environment.

Applying Topically to the Skin

Applying oils topically to the skin through massage and touch points allows the benefits of the oil to enter your blood stream in as quickly as 30 seconds. Applying to certain areas stimulates the body and can have a localised effect on areas of concern like headaches and pain etc. Our skin is our biggest organ, so caring for it with chemical free rituals can have an incredibly beneficial impact on our health. doTERRA essential oils are incredibly powerful and potent, as little as one drop is generally suggested to be diluted in a carrier oil (any vegetable oil, we prefer doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil) before applying to the skin.


Many oils can be taken internally to detoxify the body, aid digestion and support a variety of health concerns and provide powerful flavour in cooking. Examples of ingesting are taking one drop under the tongue, one drop diluted in a glass of water, and dropping one or a combination of oils into a vegetable cap for health benefits. When adding oils to drink bottles for health benefits (e.g. one drop of lemon oil in water for detoxification) always use a glass bottle, never plastic. As the molecular structure of the oils can break down the chemicals in plastic, and you don't want to be swallowing nasty chemicals! 

Around the Home

A number of oils can be used around the home as disinfectants and pleasant scents to clean you home without harsh chemicals. If diluting in a spray bottle, always opt for glass or aluminium. Particularly important when using lemon oil, which naturally breaks down chemicals and artificial substances. If you put lemon oil in plastic, it will essentially break down the plastic, before you spray a surface to clean it with. We love to use the range by Aroma Tools

Create Your Own Unique Blend

Have fun researching different oils to create your own custom blends, right for your body type. Common practices include blending oils with filtered water for cleansing mists, and blending oils with carrier oil in a glass roller bottle or pour bottle for easy application.

Like any perfume or blended substance, there is a science and art to creating the perfect scientific balance. To learn about how to harness the art and science of blending, contact us about attending one of our community workshops, or hosting one of your own.