doTERRA Loyalty Program

If you're looking at growing your oil collection, or are simply obsessed with essential oils (like us) and use them for more than three things in your life, you may like to consider joining doTERRA's loyalty program.

Their fancy term for loyalty program is LRP, which stands for Loyalty Rewards Program. Every oil that you purchase, is worth a certain number of points. Their fancy term for points is PV. Now that you're across the lingo, this is how it works.


How Do I Join the Loyalty Program?

Joining the LRP program involves making a monthly order (of any doTERRA products) with minimum 50PV, with loads of benefits. You can drop out of the program at any time, so there is absolutely no lock-in or commitment. So, what are these 'said' benefits?

Benefit #1 - Score a free product every single month, when your order is 125PV or more (yes!)

Benefit #2 - Earn points for every product that you purchase, claim these points back in free product.

Benefit #3 - The longer you're in the program for, the greater rewards you earn. For the first 1-3 months of being in the loyalty program, you'll scare 10% of your PV back to redeem on free product. In months 4-6 you'll qualify for 15% back. Month's 7-9 you'll score 20% back, months 10-12 months you'll get 25% back, and once you're active for 13+ months you'll get 30% PV back for every purchase you make in the program. That's some epic amounts of free product back! 

Important little disclaimer to be aware of is that you need to make an order each month of 50PV or order to keep your account active in LRP and be eligible for the discounts.


How Do I Use My LRP Points?

We love this quick YouTube video which explains the ins and outs of redeeming your points, nicely. Because sometimes a little video tutorial is just easier than words.



Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions, no matter how small or big!