HD Clear

HD Clear


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Retail: $41.00 AUD
Wholesale: $31.00 AUD

HD Clear Topical Blend is an important part of the HD Clear system. Formulated with Black Cumin Seed Oil and CPTG® essential oils, this formula can be applied to targeted areas on the face and body. The essential oils in HD Clear are used for their well-known benefits. HD Clear Topical Blend promotes a clear, smooth looking complexion for skin of all ages.

Primary Benefits

  • Promote a clear looking complexion.

  • Cleaner for acne-prone skin.

  • Cleans and hydrates skin.


  • Apply to smooth out imperfections on your skin.

  • Cleanse and hydrate your skin to look smooth and clear looking in the morning.

  • During your teenage years, apply to promote a clear complexion.