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Are you frustrated at work? Have setbacks in spite of your best efforts shaken your confidence? Or has misplaced trust left you cynical more often than your best self should be? Then stop, reset, and restart with doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend of mint and citrus essential oils. doTERRA Motivate with it’s invigorating scent will help you unleash your creative powers and find feelings of courage that comes from believing in yourself again. Go ahead and raise the bar–you can do it!

Primary Benefits

  • Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief.

  • An uplifting and positive aroma to use in times when negative emotions are present.


  • Apply to the bottom of feet in the morning to jump start your day.

  • Diffuse doTERRA Motivate when working on a project at work or school.

  • Apply to pulse points before participating in sporting events or other competitions.