PastTense® Roll On

PastTense® Roll On


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Retail: $31.33 AUD
Wholesale: $23.50 AUD

PastTense is a distinctive blend of essential oils known for its grounding and balancing qualities on emotions. Known for their soothing qualities on the emotions, the essential oils in PastTense, enable a sense of calm and relaxation. PastTense comes in a convenient 10 mL roll-on for easy application when at work, school, or home. Simply apply to the neck, shoulders, or behind the ears enabling a calm contented feeling, while breathing in the cooling, distinctive aroma of PastTense.

Primary Benefits

  • A calming scent for a sense of ease.

  • Packaged for convenient application in a roll-on bottle.

  • A grounding and balancing aroma to the emotions.


  • Massage into shoulders, neck, and back for a cooling, soothing sensation.

  • Add to temples and back of neck before taking a test or presenting in public.

  • Apply to the wrists while traveling for a sense of ease and calmness.