Tea Tree

Tea Tree


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Tea Tree essential oil has over 92 different compounds and limitless applications. The leaves of the Tea Tree tree were used by the Indigenous Australians for centuries. They would apply crushed leaves directly to the skin for a cooling effect. Tea Tree is best known for its cleansing properties. It can be used to cleanse and clarify the skin and nails and to support a healthy looking complexion. Diffusing Tea Tree will help freshen the scent of the air.

Primary Benefits

  • Renowned for its cleansing qualities and for revitalising the appearance of skin.

  • Add a couple of drops to a spray bottle with water for a natural cleaner around the house.

  • Diffuse for a fresh clear aroma in the winter months.


  • For topical skin applications, apply 1–2 drops of Tea Tree essential oil onto area.

  • Combine 1–2 drops with your facial cleanser for added cleansing properties, or apply to skin after shaving.

  • Apply to fingernails and toenails after showering to cleanse and keeps nails looking healthy.

  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces as a cleansing and purifying agent.