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Thought to impart courage to its bearer, Thyme was given to knights and warriors before they went into battle by ladies of the Middle Ages. During this same period, Thyme was often placed beneath pillows to help promote a peaceful sleep and to ward off nightmares. The ancient Greeks used Thyme in their baths and burned it as an incense in their temples while the Egyptians used it in their traditional ceremonies. Today, Thyme is commonly used as a seasoning, but it also produces a potent essential oil that has cleansing and purifying effects for the skin; however, due to its high thymol content, Thyme should be diluted with a carrier oil before application.

Primary Benefits

  • Antioxidant.

  • Adds flavour to food.

  • Diffuse to add a refreshing aroma to the air inside the home.


  • Add one to two drops to flavour food or drink.

  • Use when gardening or bush walking.

  • Use 1–2 drops in meat and entrée dishes to add a fresh herbal flavor.

  • Dilute with a carrier oil then apply to targeted areas on the skin to purify and promote healthy-looking skin.